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Welcoming Noodles The House Rabbit

5 Feb

Please enjoy this true story from a new Cruelty Free friend.

Contributed by Katie Banks Hone.

Meet Noodles The House Rabbit

  Noodles The House Rabbit

This past November my 7-year-old daughter asked for a rabbit. I told her I’d think about it, my only experience with one being a cage rabbit my sister had as a kid. Bun Bun wasn’t terribly friendly, I remember her biting my toes.

I assumed we’d get a rabbit at a pet store, stick it in a hutch and it would be a useless pet. Oh how I was wrong! Before I said ‘yes’, I had my kid research rabbits and we came across the website of the Massachusetts-based House Rabbit Network. Very quickly we learned that rabbits should never be kept outside and it’s even better if they can be allowed to run around your house. You can even litter box train them! But above all you should try to never buy one, adopt instead. Rabbits are the third most surrendered pet at shelters. Our search for a kid-friendly rescue rabbit was on!

A few mornings later I stumbled across a video of ‘Clyde’ on the website of the Cocheco Valley Humane Society in Dover, NH. He was calmly sitting on the lap of a local radio host while he told of the joys of owning a rabbit. My girls and I were in love. Two days later we brought him home, renamed him Noodles, and instantly knew that this was the perfect pet for us.
Having spent the last six months of his life in a shelter Noodles was a bit shy and not used to being handled. But once he realized that he now had a whole room to hop around in, a soft carpet to stretch out on, and two little girls (and an animal-crazy Mom) giving him constant attention he quickly relaxed and began to seek out his new human family.

Rabbits are very social and intelligent animals. Noodles requires far more attention and work than our cat, which took us completely by surprise! Now you can’t sit on the floor without him head-butting you for pats, even hopping all over your chest if you stretch out on the couch.
A few weeks ago my 7-year-old noticed a bunny symbol on the back of her new ‘Hello’ toothpaste, the symbol of, meaning it’s not tested on animals, or it’s “bunny safe” as my kids call it. While we already use mostly all-natural and bunny safe products in our home, this has made us look more closely at everything we use from bug spray to moisturizers. Anything for Noodles’s buddies, my kids say. Ever since he hopped into our lives he sure has wrapped us around his furry little paws.

Thank you so much Katie!  Noodles sounds like so much fun!
We also invite you to share a story. We’d love to hear about your pet or rescue story….. Or even your journey on going cruelty free.

Isn’t it funny what social media can do and who it can bring together?  Katie, after hearing about the 2016 Go Cruelty Free Challenge shared this with us.  Visit our link to sign up for the challenge yourself and through sales made at, we will donate back to this organization, House Rabbit Network or another animal rescue of your choosing.Cruelty Free Challenge Sign Up

Also visit our Facebook page for updates or look under challenge  sets on our homepage. Challenge sets

Noodles and "Her Girls"

Noodles and “Her Girls”

Better Life guest blog. (Yes… from abc’s Shark Tank!)

11 Aug

Please welcome a new addition to the CFC family…. introducing Better Life… yes, as in the company that was featured on abc’s Shark Tank!

You'll be "Simply Floored!" when you try awesome products!

You’ll be “Simply Floored!” when you try these awesome products!

When Tim Barklage and Kevin Tibbs set out to start a new line of safe and effective household cleaning products, they were committed to doing things the right way. From start to finish they wanted to create products that had the cleaning power of conventional cleaners, but were responsibly and sustainably sourced, cruelty-free, and in the end safe for people, pets, and the planet. And Better Life has stayed true to that commitment.

What this means, is that Better Life goes beyond the usual Cruelty-Free standards and redefines Cruelty-Free to meet our own higher standards. Not only are Better Life’s products NEVER tested on animals, they go a step further, the finished products are safe and biodegradable so they won’t harm the pets in your home, or the fish in the streams, or the bees in the air. THAT is what Cruelty-Free means to Better Life. From manufacturing to counter top, our products do not harm animals or their natural environments.

In addition to this commitment, Better Life is also a sponsor and donor to animal and wildlife rescue organizations. Just recently, Better Life donated over $5,000 worth of safe, non toxic Spin-Credible natural laundry detergent to the Wildlife Rescue in Missouri. This will ensure that all the endless loads of towels and blankets that are used to rehabilitate injured wildlife will get exceptionally clean and leave no residues that can be especially harmful to small animals’ respiratory systems.

Now you can clean out your bird’s cage with what-EVER! all-purpose cleaner and know that you can rest easy that your avian friend won’t be harmed by fumes. You can use Simply Floored! to clean the kitchen floor that Fido just washed with his tongue and not worry about the toxic cocktail he just licked up. You can use Dish It Out to wash your dishes on a camping trip and sleep easy in your tent knowing that the waterways were left as clean and sparkling as your dishes. Better Life makes products that are better for you, animals, and Mother Nature from start to finish. There is a better way… BETTER LIFE!

what-EVER! Natural All-Purpose Cleaner in Clary Sage & Citrus or Scent Free.

what-EVER! Natural All-Purpose Cleaner in Clary Sage & Citrus or Scent Free.


Thank you Tim and Kevin and the Team at Better Life for your guest blog contribution!   Cruelty Free Consumer is so impressed with the products you have created and how you view the earth and our animal companions that we share this planet with.  We love using your products and are always recommending them!

Be watching our Facebook page for your chance to win a gift from Better Life! (This week we are giving away skincare from Bello Moi!)

A video is coming as well this week in which we can’t wait to see the work you have done at the Wildlife Rescue.


FREESHIP on orders over $50
3.95SHIP on orders under $50.
Enjoy the day and please do your part so the animals can enjoy theirs!



WHO is DEMES?! How we deliver products!

14 Jul
CFC's Delivery Vehicle

CFC’s Local Delivery Vehicle


Wow mid-July already!  We’ve been busy making local cruelty-free deliveries…to the new mom’s around us….

Laundry detergent, (Seventh Generation, Earth Friendly Products), Bug Spray (Sound Earth, JASON, Aroma Naturals… Citronella Candles), Diapers (Seventh Generation), Diaper Cream (Burt’s Bees, Gourmet Body Treats, Little Twig) and of course SUNSCREEN! (Alba, Seventh Generation, JASON, Andalou Naturals and Beauty without Cruelty)… This just for the kids!    We’ve made some special deliveries for the moms and neighbors too who just want to pamper themselves.  Body washes, lotions, scrubs (A Girl’s Gotta Spa!, Andalou Naturals, Giovanni, Living Clay and now DEMES!

Demes Natural Products has just joined CFC.  They have written a a blog for us to share with you this week.

“We are DEMES – a small family company with big hearts. We make products for your home, your family, and your furry friends—because what you breathe, how you live, and what you absorb, affect you and your loved ones.
Our company has been around since 2010, making natural products that use safe, non-toxic ingredients – starting with our multi-use spray deodorizer, Get the Funk Out (for people pets and places) and our convenient, mess-free moisturizing stick, Butter me UP (great for adults and kids).
We know that as manufacturers, it is up to us to provide the safest and most beneficial products to you that we can.
And with that safety in mind, we became certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny (CCIC) in 2013. We guarantee that no animals are harmed or tested on at any stage from suppliers to bottling.

We want happy, healthy, families. It’s simple… Almost as simple as our natural ingredients. We think you and the little guys who can’t speak for themselves deserve it.
So what about our name, DEMES? Well, that is our family: Daniel, Evan, Michelle, Erik, Skippy (our guinea pig and mascot!)”

Thanks you Michelle and “DEMES”!  We love your name and look forward to working with you!

Also… be watching next week for our giveaway!!!!!


A quick thought and reminder.. in addition to all of the great brands and products listed above…. we also offer Tom’s of Maine, Tsi-La Organics (Perfume), and several fantastic products for keeping a clean house … Better Life, Dr. Bronner’s, The Vintage Soap Factory! Sanitizer  etc… EO Products!


Thank you again for supporting Cruelty Free

FREE SHIP with orders over $50
3.95SHIP on orders under $50.
Enjoy the day and please do your part so the animals can enjoy theirs!



A Girl’s Gotta Spa! “Our Story”.

23 Jun
The newest brand to be offered at Cruelty Free

The newest brand to be offered at Cruelty Free


Hello today!  Welcome to our Monday Guest Blog/Giveaway once again!  This is our 3rd official “Installment”…(We need a better word… writers block)… please throw us a suggestion!

This week our focus is on a newly discovered company and I’m in love!  The products offered by “A Girl’s Gotta Spa!”are absolutely amazing just as Shannon had told us!  We love her story and being a mom myself…. I can certainly relate!

Below is Shannon’s story from A Girl’s Gotta Spa!…

The concept of A Girl’s Gotta Spa! began 9 years ago this October.
I was 31 years old at the time and a mother of 3 sons (with another to be the apple of my eye in the not so distant future.) I had recently left working in the mental health field, which was both rewarding and taxing, and moved from the suburbs of Philadelphia to the rural surroundings of the Pocono Mountains. The idea of taking time for myself was not a foreign concept; however it is typically quite a dichotomy. On the one hand you have people telling you that you need some me time, “Take some time for yourself,” they’d say, “You deserve it.” Then, on the other hand, you have people asking you and accusing you of being selfish for doing so.

I believe you deserve to be pampered.

A Girl’s Gotta Spa! ® was built on the belief that your personal well-being should be a priority. A Girl’s Gotta Spa! is a call to action, whether you are young or old, regardless of ethnicity or creed, working in the corporate world or busy raising the next generation of responsible leaders, you deserve to treat yourself daily.
I truly believe this and whether you are worn and withered from your career, your children, your spouse, your friendships, your finances and any other circumstance in your life (the good and the bad), I want you to believe it too.

Pamper: To indulge with every intention, comfort and kindness.

A Girl’s Gotta Spa! bath and body line is one that is natural and cruelty free. Nowhere in our mission is there room for animal cruelty of any kind. We’re proud to now be among a prestigious list of beauty companies who also hold this same value with our Leaping Bunny certification.

  • A Girl’s Gotta Spa! is free of sulfates, formaldehyde, petrochemicals, synthetic colors and fragrances. Our Energizing Citrus Body Wash and Energizing Citrus Body Lotion are both vegan. Crafted in small batches, the purity and quality of the ingredients will be an elucidation to your dry skin care woes and satiate your senses.
  • Energizing Citrus is an invigorating mix of pink grapefruit, lemon, lime and orange. The fragrance is not overwhelming, but more subtle in the sense that you can clearly distinguish each essential oil as you apply the products. The Body Wash will leave your skin hydrated and silky smooth, while the Body Lotion will leave skin looking and feeling soft and healthy.

So I encourage you, take time for yourself today. Know that you are worth it. Know that you deserve to be pampered.


Thank you Shannon, we are so thrilled to be associated with you and your brand!

Next week, you will have the chance to win these 2 products to pamper yourself!  Be watching via Facebook, Twitter and this blog for details as to how to enter!


You can win this!



FREE SHIP with orders over $50

3.95SHIP on orders under $50.

Enjoy the day and please do your part so the animals can enjoy theirs!




The Goodbye.

28 Jan
Louie "Long Arms"

Louie “Long Arms”

Friday was a regular day except my husband was home and we had a babysitter… So we went out to run errands….we came home and he came up to me and said you should see the cat…He’s acting funny. Louie is my 14 year old tuxedo kitty and so yes, at about 4:30pm, I saw it too and he was having what I guess was a seizure. It had never happened before.
I have thought about what would happen and what I would do when my pets got old or sick…what decision would I make?   I have also thought it would not be fair to keep them alive if they were in pain… But I am not them…so how do I know if they are in pain or not??
My Louie, aka, “Louie love bug”,”Louie long arms” and “Lou-Lou” passed on Friday night.  He had seizure after seizure between 4:30pm and 6pm. I made my mind up that after the first one, I would let him rest and re-evaluate in the morning but when I checked on him in his favorite spot…. I knew it was his time.

I am so sad because he was my buddy for over 14 years. That is a lot of time for creating memories.

Over the last few months, he sat with me at night and also jumped up in to bed with me.  Silly to some, but I love that cat and I am missing his presence, there is a definite void in the house. The crazier thing…. Or not…. Is how Teddy and Bernie, (our dogs) especially Bernie, is reacting. Bernie knows his buddy is not here and that is so sad to me too. Bernie is just moping around. Do animals have feelings? You bet and this is just another example of just how much they do feel.
I keep thinking I’m going to see him at the top of my stairs.  I keep forgetting that I don’t need to go downstairs at night to clean litter and check his food and water.
I knew the time would come, I just didn’t expect it on Friday and I didn’t think it would happen so incredibly fast.  In fact, I bought food for him just the day before. I do believe he didn’t suffer…. And for that I am glad for him…. but sad for me, my family and my other pets who all miss him. Louie was spunky and quirky and had such soulful eyes… he looked like he was so young still, his fur was beautiful and soft. He had a good life. I just can’t believe how fast he went. I miss him but as my daughters said good bye to him as I left for the vet with him wrapped in my favorite sweatshirt, “Lilly” said, “mommy, don’t be sad, God will take good care of him just like he takes care of the other kitties”. Oh, the words and thoughts of a 4 year old. Again.
And as for the  2 year old…. her contribution every time we see a black and white kitty…”ohh, Louie, sad”, followed by her sad face.

The loss of a pet is such a sad time… it has been 3 weeks and I still think I see him in the house.

We love you Louie and we miss you!  Thank you for the wonderful memories!

We have decided that we will make a contribution in Louie’s name to the ASPCA.  It is our hope that it will help other animals live betters lives.

I’m curious to learn if you have made a decision to make a contribution to an organization in your pets name,and  if so, who.  Or if you have done something else in the memory of your beloved pet.

Louie and his brother, Oscar as kittens

Jewelry, Tea and Cruelty Free!

18 Nov

jewelry tea cruelty freeHello Day!

If you didn’t happen to catch my FB or  Twitter post on Friday, I announced that I will be having my FIRST Cruelty Free Party on Tuesday.  I’m pretty excited to share with my circle of friends and their friends what Cruelty Free Consumer is all about. (Yes, I asked to tag along or rather invited myself to join in on the party my neighbors are hosting.  “South Hill Designs – Lockets with Louise”  and “Steeped” Tea will be featured!  Everyone loves a reason to gather , right so I thought why not!  anyways…

People ask all of the time what I do and what exactly is Cruelty Free, so here is my chance to not just talk about it…  but actually have people see and sample  some of the brands we sell.  We’ll have samples and testers and products available for purchase!  More specifically, we’ll have 18 Cruelty Free Brands on hand and 0ver 60 products on Tuesday for purchase.

*In addition to sharing the Cruelty Free Consumer story, we will make a donation to the local pet food bank based on sales from the evening.*

I believe so passionately about what we are creating through this company and the changes we hope to make and contribute back … for the animals.

I am also optimistic that once people learn how they can make conscientious purchase decisions they will continue doing so .  I also think that once consumers know how easy it is to locate these products and the range of what is offered… we will see  a positive impact for animals.

At last… (almost!) … it’s important to address 2 misconceptions…. 1. Not all cruelty free products are expensive  AND 2. The number of options that are available for anything beauty, anything baby, anything home and pet is  incredible!  Cruelty Free Consumer  sells over 30 Cruetly Free Brands and HUNDREDS of PRODUCTS!

OK,  now lastly….Customized Cruelty Free Consumer gift baskets!  We offer them and will create something special and unique for you!

What can we help you put together for the special people in your life?!  Email  us so we can get started on your customized gifts!

Some ideas… “mom-to-be”, “mom and baby”, “pet parent”, “holiday stress buster basket”, “teacher”, “caregiver’ etc!… Maybe even mom-to-be’s First Christmas (Holiday), mom and baby’s first Holiday… you get the picture!

Enjoy the Day!


a pinch of this and pinch of that…

28 Oct
"Look Mom! I made it for you!  It's pink!"

“Look Mom! I made it for you! It’s pink!”

All I can say is…I’m glad that cruelty free products aren’t expensive… or don’t have to be…..

My four year old daughter reminded me of that just over the weekend.  Yep…My darling mixed all of my scrubs in the shower.

This real life story happened early Sunday morning and made me happy for that!  She said “Look mom!  It’s pink!”  As I see her little hand coming out of the shower holding something…. “I made it for you… It’s your favorite color!”

Whew…. Never expected that first thing in the morning!

I thought oh no…. She couldn’t have…. No, please, don’t tell me….yep… She mixed my products!  My lovebug was so excited to show me her creation ….I just had to smile and laugh to myself.  I want her to be kind and thoughtful… and in her mind, was she ever!… She was so proud of herself and talked about it all day!

She had concocted a mixture of , Giovanni Mint Lemonade Cooling Salt Scrub, Body Shops Mango Scrub, Bulldog Shave Cream, and several others!
Wow! I’m just glad not all of my stuff was in there!

But, as I have been thinking about blogging and things to write about….. I have to give a lot of credit to a very imaginative, very fun and very energetic girl, my daughter, who has given me great and real “material!”

Thanks for the inspiration, “Maggie”!

So, the point after all of this…. Cruelty free products do not have to be expensive! There is a misconception that being a Cruelty Free Consumer and only using products that have not been tested on animals means spending extra money.  THAT IS NOT THE CASE.
Cruelty Free Consumer sells over 30 brands and there are over 500+ brands certified by Leaping Bunny…. Thousands of choices exist from inexpensive to higher end. It’s up to you what products work best.

Just like wine… You can get a great find at a great price!

Thanks to my daughter, too, for her contribution with yet another story!   Now  I know, that in addition to being a cruelty free consumer….. I might be…. well, I am…A cruelty free mama too!

What products do you love at various price points and, of course,… Why? Let us know!

Don’t forget  that now through November 2nd, log on to our Facebook page (Cruelty Free Consumer) for a chance to win Living Clays’ Starter Kit! ($40 value!)

Enjoy the day!


Oh Baby!…. (and mom!) Guest blogger from Belly Buttons & Babies featured.

16 Oct

20131016-141608.jpgOur good friend, Fran Loudas, Founder of Belly Buttons & Babies™, has agreed to be one of our first guest bloggers for our new blog series in which we talk to CEO’s, Founders and Influencers of Cruelty Free Companies. (Thank you, Fran!)

It was a spring afternoon in 2010, when my newborn was “napping” that I had the pleasure of speaking with Fran about partnering up together, and having the Belly Buttons & Babies brand join Cruelty Free Consumer.  I remember it well!  Not only was I excited that BBB was a certified cruelty free company….. But Fran was a mom too! (Good for me so she would understand when I had to cut our conversation short…as my sweet precious (cat!) napping baby just woke up and needed some attention and love!)

Belly Buttons & Babies has earned many awards over the years and they offer tremendous products for both mom and baby!  Enjoy her post!
Belly Buttons & Babies makes products for mothers and babies that are produced exclusively from plants and vegetable oils and contain no petroleum by-products or parabens. They are superbly blended and incredibly versatile dual-use products that are extremely safe for mom, baby and the whole family.
Belly Buttons & Babies™ understands that baby’s skin is softer than adults and does not have the same barrier functions as adult skin. Hence our formulations must be mild, yet effective. By using ingredients that are well known to be beneficial to baby’s skin we have developed what we strongly believe to be the purest, safest and most effective baby skincare range available today. Keeping babies natural and chemical-free is our goal.
Natural products from Belly Buttons & Babies soothe delicate skin, are made to heal and protect. Our products are pure and gentle on skin. Luxurious oils and certified organic herbs nurture, while remaining free of the preservatives, artificial fragrances and dyes commonly found in body care products.
• Our promise to you is to bring products that inspire you by being better to yourself.
• Our products care for your skin and your overall well-being.
• Our products are cruelty-free, do not contain additives or artificial colour, are paraben and sulfate free and are made with the most powerful natural, organic and wild crafted ingredients. If you can’t find it in nature, you won’t find it in our products.

Our Philosophy is simple:
Research, test and refine our products.
Our promise to you is to bring products that inspire you by being better to yourself. Our products care for your skin and your overall well-being.
We value consumer input and we take that into account when creating our products.
At Belly Buttons & Babies™, we believe that true beauty comes from within. That’s why we strive to make it simple and affordable for you to nourish yours and your baby’s skin daily with the best nature has to offer.
All of our products are carefully researched and developed to ensure only the finest, most effective botanically based formulas are used.

Again, thank you , Fran!

We hope you’ll like their products as much as we do (and our children!)

Visit Cruelty Free Consumer throughout the month of October and receive 10% off your Belly Buttons & Babies order.

(At checkout enter code OCT2013Blog)

Enjoy the Day!



Changing Seasons, Welcoming Change and what bee’s do…according to a 4 year old

30 Sep
"Look Mommy! The bee is pollinating!"

“Look Mommy! The bee is pollinating!”

Happy Monday!

We enjoyed a beautiful fall Saturday this weekend in Michigan!  We were able to watch Tigers Baseball, take part in the neighborhood cleanup and enjoy a tour of our local nature center… whew… busy, but fun.

We also experienced… “Look mommy!  The bee is pollinating!”

It’s nice seeing the addition of colorful mums to the yard.  It’s also a sad reminder that summer is over when we’re cleaning up beds and pulling out watermelon, pepper, tomato and zucchini plants.

It offers a good lesson for me as well as the girls though and it’s always a treasure to see what “just grows overnight”. (ahh, the magic of being a kid!)  Well, we know what to plant next year!

So, being that it’s now fall and a time for change….Cruelty Free Consumer’s making a small and fun change too!

Starting this month, we will be hosting guest bloggers.  We have a few lined up already from some of our favorite cruelty free companies and organizations.  This also means…. along with great information, product reviews and industry news, we will have gift certificates and sample giveaways!

We are excited and hope you are too.

AND…If you have not heard this yet…. We’ll say it again because we are thrilled to see this happen…

It’s our goal to be the largest online retailer of certified cruelty free products.  We are certainly on our way and in addition to being able to offer all of these brands in one place…. Cruelty Free Consumer can and will give financially back to animal organizations.

Tell us… who would you like to hear from and what kinds of products would you like us to review and maybe even give away?

Enjoy the Day Cruelty Free Consumers!

Teaching Your Kids Compassion – Lessons From a Cruelty Free Mom

18 Sep

girl and dog

Over the weekend, my girls and I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful event… Dogfest. This local Michigan event has gained exposure over the last few years as it was started as a grand opening for the Community Dog Park.

We loved this event for many reasons, but anytime I can share my love of animals with my daughters, it is amazing. I love to watch their faces when we meet new dogs. It also shows and teaches them compassion.

My oldest daughter now understands that my job is helping animals… in her words. This event helped raise money and food for local animals and their families that are facing financial hard times right now. “Can you imagine having to give up the dog that you love because you can’t afford to feed him/her?” I can’t and don’t want anyone else to have to make that decision. Donations from this event went to Gleaners Pet Pantry.

Cruelty Free looks forward to working with them to help raise money and awareness. If you are working with an organization let us know. Great ideas can grow into a real action plan that will benefit animals in need.

Do you know any great animal organizations?  Contact us or jot your ideas below.


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